How to get from Abu Dhabi - to Argenta, Province of Ferrara

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General Information

Route - From (details)
Current Time and Date:
DMS coordinates:24° 27' 13.88772'' N
54° 22' 38.62488'' E
Coordinates GPS:24.453884
Currency:د.إ (United Arab Emirates Dirham)
Currency ISO code and ISO numeric:AED (784)
Timezone name:Asia/Dubai (+0400) (+04)
Country:United Arab Emirates (AE — ARE)
Country flag:Country flag United Arab Emirates
Administrative civil entity:Abu Dhabi
City name:Abu Dhabi
Neighbourhood:Al Musalla
State:Abu Dhabi Emirate (AZ)
Municipality:Abu Dhabi
Suburb:Al Karamah
Traffic side:Right-hand traffic of a car
Nearest highway (speed):80
Road name, route:unnamed road
Speed in:km/h
Calling Code:+971
Sun at Zenith:12:19:57
Civil Twilight Begin:05:09:00
Civil Twilight End:19:30:55
Nautical Twilight Begin:04:38:52
Nautical Twilight End:20:01:03
Astronomical Twilight Begin:04:07:27
Astronomical Twilight End:20:32:28
Golden Hour Morning Start:05:32:56
Golden Hour Morning End:06:32:56
Golden Hour Evening Start:18:06:59
Golden Hour Evening End:19:06:59
Day Length:13:34:03
Route - destination (details)
Current Time and Date:
DMS coordinates:44° 37' 27.44112'' N
11° 52' 26.77044'' E
Coordinates GPS:44.623608
Currency:€ (Euro)
Currency ISO code and ISO numeric:EUR (978)
Timezone name:Europe/Rome (+0100) (CET)
Country:Italy (IT — ITA)
Country flag:Country flag Italy
Administrative civil entity:Emilia-Romagna
City name:Argenta
County:FE (Unione dei comuni Valli e Delizie)
Political Union:European Union
State:Emilia-Romagna (EMI)
Traffic side:Right-hand traffic of a car
Road name, route:Via Fossa Uomini
Speed in:km/h
Postal code:44011
Calling Code:+39
Sun at Zenith:13:10:00
Civil Twilight Begin:04:56:07
Civil Twilight End:21:23:52
Nautical Twilight Begin:04:09:45
Nautical Twilight End:22:10:14
Astronomical Twilight Begin:03:12:23
Astronomical Twilight End:23:07:36
Golden Hour Morning Start:05:30:04
Golden Hour Morning End:06:30:04
Golden Hour Evening Start:19:49:55
Golden Hour Evening End:20:49:55
Day Length:15:19:51

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Airport and Air-flight

Distance (meters)4428708.9
Distance (kilometers)4428.7
Distance (miles)2751.9
Distance (nautical miles)2391.3

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«Abu Dhabi -»
«Argenta, Province of Ferrara»

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«Abu Dhabi -»
«Argenta, Province of Ferrara»

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«Abu Dhabi -»
«Argenta, Province of Ferrara»

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Abu Dabi -
Hoteles, Apartamentos, Villas
Nombre de la ciudad, distrito, localidadDistancia en metros
1 Baţīn
2 801
2 Abu Dhabi
4 138
3 Al Maqţa‘
13 706
4 Muşaffaḩ
16 288
5 Al Qurayyah
17 482
6 Yāfūr
32 402
7 Al Rahba
39 023
8 Madīnat an Nahḑah
44 242
9 Ghantoot
69 896
10 Al Khaznah
78 546
11 Al Mughayrāʼ
94 864
12 Al Marfaʼ
98 142
Argenta, Province of Ferrara
Hotels, Apartments, Villas
Name of the city, district, settlementDistance in meters
1 Argenta
3 210
2 Boccaleone
6 457
3 Portoverrara
9 048
4 Portomaggiore
10 010
5 Conselice
12 688
6 Ostellato
14 684
7 Runco
14 922
8 Gambulaga
15 036
9 Molinella
16 152
10 Migliarino
16 965
11 Voghiera
17 769
12 Corte Centrale
18 087

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Questions and Answers

The shortest distance between airports in «Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates» and airports in «44011 Argenta, Province of Ferrara, Italy» is:
Distance (meters)4428708.9
Distance (kilometers)4428.7
Distance (miles)2751.9
Distance (nautical miles)2391.3